Description of the peer review process

All submitted article to the editorial staff receives a registration number, is verified by plagiarism and duplicate publication, then sent for review to two experts, selected from the databases of the State University “Dimitrie Cantemir” and Department of Social, Economic, Humanities Sciences and Arts Section of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, depending on the field of research. They receive it by e-mail in a file in which the author’s name is not indicated. Experts review the article according to the quality indicators specified in this form:



of article No. ________ entitled (the title of the article) submitted for publication in the
“DIALOGICA. Cultural Studies and Literature Scientific Journal”

No. Criteria Conclusions
1 Scientific novelty and originality of the article, inclusion in the editorial policy and in the concept of the journal  
2. Appropriate wording of the title of the article, concordance with the content and bibliographical references  
3. Relevance of the abstract and key-words  
4. Scientific quality, compliance with the structure of a scientific article  
5. Coherence of methodology and proper use of theoretical language  
6. Theoretical interpretation and analysis, critical involvement of the author  
7. Argumentation of purpose and conclusions  
8. Relevance of the sources and bibliographical references  
9. Stylistic and graphic presentation of the article  
10. Recommendations Accepted
Or: Conditionally accepted (remarks)
Or: Rejected
11. Reviewer: Name, surname
date/ signature


The results of the review are discussed at the meetings of the editorial board. The article is accepted for publication if it corresponds to one of these options:

– Both reviewers give a positive opinion and recommend it for publication;

– If one of the reviewers gives a negative opinion, the article is sent for review to a third reviewer. Based on the opinion of this third reviewer, the editorial board makes a decision.

If the author improves his rejected article, the procedure is resumed.

The term of review is at least six months.

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