Articles already published in other journals are not allowed.

To counter plagiarism and duplicate publication, articles are verified by placing the title, keywords and snippets of text on the internet. This task also lies in the work of expert reviewers.

The authors retain copyright and grant the journal the right of first publication.


Terms Editing Paper


Autopresentation: identification of the author by his / her first name, name, title and didactic-scientific degree, institutional affiliation. Indication of areas of concern and published book

Each paper will be under 12 pages.

Page format: 20 mm equal margins lines.

The title will be written in capitals, Times New Roman 12 Bold, Centered, at 50 mm above the text;

The title, abstract and keywords of the article are presented in Romanian and English. The abstract – Times New Roman 11, italics, at one line distance under the title, no more than 150 words, about 1000 characters with spaces.

Up to 10 keywords under the abstract.

The text of the paper, at one line below the abstract, Times New Roman 12, justified, 1,5 space between; The Bibliography at the end of the paper; All papers will be submitted electronically in Microsoft Word 2007 format.

Notes and bibliographical references are indicated in the text of the article by signs after quote or idea by [1, p.] [2, p.] [3, p.], etc. and should be listed in the order of quote at the end of the article (no footnotes should be used):

  1. Mango, Cyril. The Art of the Byzantine Empire 312–1453: Sources and Documents. Toronto:1986.
  2. Pucci, Pietro. Gods’ Intervention and Epiphany in Sophocles. In: The American Journal of Philology, 1994, nr. 115, pp. 15–46.
  3. For the absence of an „essential continuity between holiness and beauty” in religious art see Gerardus Van der Leeaw, Sacred and Profane Beauty: The Holy in Art, trans. David C. Green (New York, 1963), p. 230.
  4. Introna, L., Hayes, N., Blair, L., and Wood, E. (2003). Cultural Attitudes Towards Plagiarism. [Online] Available at [Accessed 13/12/2005].

All papers will be submitted electronically in Microsoft Word 2007 format to

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