Aliona GRATI,
PhD, associate professor, literary critic


She graduated from the Faculty of Philology of the “Ion Creanga” State Pedagogical University, Chisinau (1996). She took her doctorate in philology with the subject “The feminine lyric of Bessarabia. The 20s and 30s” (2003) and post-doctorate in the theory of literature on “Dialogic Structures in the Romanian Novel of the 20th Century” (2011). Professional experience: editor-in-chief of the journal of literary science “Metaliterature”, Associate Professor at the Department of History and Literary Theory, “Ion Creangă” SPU and at the Doctoral School of Humanities at “Dimitrie Cantemir” University; senior scientific researcher at the Department of Theory and Literature Methodology of the Institute of Philology of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova (2004-2019); Scientific Secretary-General of the National Council for Accreditation and Attestation of the Republic of Moldova (2013-2017), Vice-President of the National Accreditation and Attestation Council of the Republic of Moldova; researcher at the Department of Studies and Research of the Municipal Library “B. P. Hasdeu” (currently). Coordinator of doctoral projects. External correspondent of the cultural journal “Time” (Iaşi), member of the scientific colleges of the “Philologia” journal in Chisinau, “Romanian Language and Literature” of the Faculty of Letters of the University of Oradea and “Media Culture” in Timişoara. Collaborators in the cultural magazines “Buttress”, “Cultural Southeast”, “Romanian Destiny”, “Moldova”, “Time”, “Scriptor”. Published volumes: “Magda Isanos. Essay on the Structure of the Imaginary”, Chisinau Prut International, 2004; “Eurydice’ Look. The feminine lyric of Bessarabia. 20s-30s, Chisinau, ASM, 2007; “The novel as a post-BABEL world. About Dialogism, Polyphony, Heteroglossy, and Carnival”, Chisinau, Gunivas, 2009; “The other’s word. Dialogism of the Romanian novel”, Chisinau ASM, 2011; “Paul Goma. Initiates in Literary Text”, Chisinău, Arc, 2011; “The Postmodern Literary Phenomenon”, Chisinau, Garamond, 2011; “Vladimir Beşleagă: the chronotope of snapped flight”, Chişinău Arc, 2013; “In dialogue with Mihai Cimpoi. I am a person of culture that has become a destiny”, Chisinau, Prut International, 2013; “Chronicles in network metaliteratura.net”, Iasi, Junimea, 2016. Coordinated, in the international scientific project Классика литератур СНГ, three anthologies of literary works, from folklore to the classics Dimitrie Cantemir and Ion Creangă (in Russian and English), published between 2009 and 2010 at Moscow Publishing House Literature; (2011), vol. II (2011), co-author, prof. dr. Ioan Derşidan, the edition of Paul Goma’s novel “Bonifacia” and “Intimate Roman”, volume “Culture, Identity, Globalization”, Chisinau, Gunivas, 2015; “Magda Isanos, Writings”, “Heritage” collection, Chisinău, Science, 2016. She has signed several prefaces and postfaces, collaborates with the magazines “Buttress”, “Cultural Southeast”, “Romanian Destiny”, “Scriptor”. Member of the Writers ‘Union of Moldova, of the Writers’ Union of Romania and of the Association for General and Comparative Literature in Romania. alionagrati@gmail.com

poet and translator


He graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures (2005) and the Faculty of Law of the State University of Moldova (2015). Master in German Philology (2006). Professional experience: lecturer at the Department of Universal and Comparative Literature, SUM (2005-2019); Translator, Free Europe Radio, Chisinau Office (since 2014); Head of Studies and Research Section, “B. P. Hasdeu” Municipal Library, Chisinau (since 2019). Publications: 3 Universal Literature textbooks for high school (in collaboration), student support courses, several articles and studies in the field of literary science, numerous translations from and to Russian and Romanian. Author of the volume of poems “Aquarius man”, Chişinău Arc, 2018. Member of Writers Union of Moldova and Writers Union of Romania. pilkin.ivan@gmail.com

Natalia PROCOP,
PhD, plastic artist


She graduated from the Faculty of Plastic Arts and Design, specializing in Plastic Arts Education at the “Ion Creangă” State Pedagogical University (2005). Master in Plastic Arts (2006), Ph. D. in Arts and Culture Studies (2014). Professional experience: scientific researcher at the Center for the study of the arts of the Institute of Cultural Heritage (2011-2019); scientific secretary of the Social, Economic, Humanities Sciences and Arts Section of the ASM (2015-2016, 2019); superior specialist at the doctoral and research department, Doctoral School Humanities Sciences, State University “D. Cantemir” (2015-2019); secretary of the editorial of the magazine “Art”, Visual arts series, ICH (2018-2019). Publications: “Moldovan Batik”, Chisinau, Balacron, 2017, more than 20 scientific articles in the field of plastic arts. Member of the Department of Social, Economic, Humanities Sciences and Arts Section of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova, Member of the Union of Plastic Artists from the Republic of Moldova and of the Union of Plastic Artists from Romania, Bacău branch. natali_procop@mail.ru

PhD, associate professor


She graduated from the Faculty of Philology, Alecu Russo State University, Balti (1999). Master in Romanian Philology and Languages, Alecu Russo State University, Balti (2008). Doctor in philology (2014), the theme of research “(Auto) irony and (parody) in The Levant by Mircea Cărtărescu”. Professional experience: lecturer at Alecu Russo State University, Balti, senior specialist in the Socio-Human Sciences Section of ASM, director of the Literary and Folklore Center of the “B. P.-Hasdeu” Institute of Romanian Philology , senior scientific researcher. Fields of interest: in the history of literature, literary theory, hyperliterature, folklore, cultural studies. Laureate of the National Contest Doctoral Thesis of Excellence of the year 2014, Grade III Diploma. Member of Editorial Board of “Metaliterature”, “Philologia”, “Our Speak”. Reviewer of “Akademos”, Academy of Sciences  of Moldova. Collaborator of the magazines “Akademos”, “Romanian Destiny”, “La Francopolyphonie”, “Journal of Romanian Literary Studies”. The author of the books: (Auto)irony and (auto)parody in The Levant by Mircea Cărtărescu”(2014), “The literary opera in postmodernity”(2015). ludmila.simanschi@yahoo.com